Colorful Glass Orb Bud Vases- Decorative Spheres for Propagation

Colorful Glass Orb Bud Vases- Decorative Spheres for Propagation

Transparent Glass Spheres

We're passionate about unique shelf decor, so we're excited to introduce you Sydney's Collection of handmade glass orb vases. Each blown-glass vase is created with plant propagation in mind. Whether used as a clear glass vase or a translucent flower holder, these orbs will display your plants and cuttings in a unique setting.

Colorful transparent orb sphere vases are displayed as a table setting.

Use as Decor

These round glass vases serve multiple purposes; a centerpiece on your dining table, ambiance in your bedroom, or color for or office. Their simple, adorable, and perfect for displaying fresh flowers, propagating plants, or even as hydroponic vases. The crystal clarity of the glass allows you to view root growth of the plants or flowers within, so they're functional as well.

How to Propagate Using a Bud Vase

Bud vases are not just for displaying flowers—they are also perfect for propagating plants. Here’s a simple guide to using bud vases for plant propagation:

  1. Choose Healthy Cuttings:

    Select a healthy stem with a few leaves.
  2. Prep the Vase:

    Fill your bud vase with water, ensuring it’s clean and fresh.
  3. Trim and Submerge:

    Trim the cutting just below a node and place it in the vase, making sure the node is submerged.
  4. Find the Right Spot:

    Place the vase in a well-lit area, but avoid direct sunlight.
  5. Wait and Watch:

    Change the water regularly and watch for roots to form in a few weeks.

Unique Style

Picture your small glass vase sitting on a bookshelf as part of minimalist interior decoration. Our clear glass ornaments and small vases for flowers are designed to complement any aesthetic, you can add them to your station, or have them stand alone as a statement. Their transparency allows the sun to shine through and send a colourful ambiance to your table.

Colorful transparent sphere bud vases are displayed on a table with their clear cylindrical stands.

Blown Glass Decor

Each glass orb is crafted with care for durability and appeal. They are available with two stand heights, so you can offset a few of them in an arrangement. Whether you're looking for a clear cylinder vase for a single plant or a stand vase for a more elaborate display, our collection provides what you're seeking.

Affordable Option for Your Plant Station

Our decorative vases for sale are stunning and affordable, they're accessible to anyone looking to enhance their home decor, or to give as a creative gift under $20. If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for plant lovers, this is a viable option.

Mix and Match

Explore our range of glass orb vases today, we have multiple colours available to mix and match you table setting. From clear glass vases to transparent colorful orbs, they are delightful and different than what you are used to.

Incorporating a glass orb vase into your plant propagation station is ideal for a 'pop of color', and you can get them right here at Sydney's Collection!

Colorful clear sphere bud vases are displayed on their crystal clear cylindrical stands.

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