A workspace is well let, inviting, and ready for work, the only thing missing is the Anxiety Bookshelf

Desk Decor or Fidget Toy? The Pocket Anxiety Bookshelf

You're working from home and it is stressful! In front of you, a computer. To your right, a nice cup of coffee, and to your left exists a tiny blue bookshelf filled with tiny books.

Fidget Toys for Adults

The best fidget toys not only keep hands occupied but also aid in refining fine motor skills, enhancing concentration, fostering tactile awareness, honing visual perception, and refining color and size discrimination. Additionally, sensory fidget toys promote concentration, diminish self-stimulatory tendencies, and contribute to a sense of calm and relaxation. So throw away the bubble wrap, and insert the Pocket Anxiety Bookshelf by Sydney's Collection.

How Does it Work?

It's quite simple really; Organize books to relieve stress. There are a few other awesome features as well. First, it's handmade, so you can bet it is solid to the touch. The antique latch, the soft, 'thump' when the bookcase box closes, and the shake! oh we love the shake!

How Do I Use It?

I love to dump out the books, organize them by title, stack them, then place them in to the bookshelf. When organizing the tiny books, there is a sense of therapeutic calm similar to that of reading a real book, and I can return to it whenever I like. It sits here on be desk as decor, waiting patiently for its next book. When using this little bookshelf, I am served with the reminder to breathe, and focus on the moment at hand, resulting in... you guessed it... stress relief! The bookcase that we're talking about holds sixty books, if you're looking for something more substantial, see the full-sized original Anxiety Bookshelf.

The Answer

Both! The entire Anxiety Bookshelf Collection is made with stress relief in mind, but in its inception came the most amazing piece of desk and bookshelf decor that we have experienced. You know it's a fidget toy for adults when it's a quality handmade item that exudes style and function.

In Conclusion

This shakeable bookcase helps to accomplish stress relief through multiple sensory functions. So yes, fidget away, and when you're done, shake it up and start over, or place it back down as an elegant piece of desk decor!


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