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How does The Anxiety Bookshelf Work? Part 1.


There are plenty of valid questions surrounding my Anxiety Bookshelf. This is understandable, and considering the nature of my videos, I have some explaining to do. Let's take a moment to clear things up. We have covered what it is right here in this blog, now, let's look into how it works. 

A Personal Connection

Firstly, I would like to send a personal thank you from Sydney's Collection, formerly SydneyArtSociety. If you're familiar, you are aware that it's right one! You see that 'S' logo in my website header? That's all you need to see, that's your beacon for the best anxiety relief product ever! Reliability, security, quality, and positivity are pillars that structure our business, and our reviews back the awesome customer service we provide. You may have seen similar, but there's a reason for our consistent record of positive feedback. So here's a big virtual hug, a smile, and a "thank you" for supporting the best seller that started it all!

More Than a Shake

You have surely seen the videos where I quickly stack and shake the Anxiety Bookshelf, Pocket Anxiety Bookshelf, or Bookcase in a chaotic fashion. For this, I apologize, but I had to get your attention, and what better way than with a bookshelf box shaking around hundreds of tiny books?! 

"Despite what my videos and ads may convey, The Anxiety Bookshelf is not made to create anxiety. I know anxiety and ADHD, I had to get your attention somehow!"- Sydney

When we look closer, we find that this is more than a tiny wood bookcase, it is crafted with therapeutic calm in mind through a puzzle structure. So, you can absolutely fill it up, shake it, and place it on your full-sized bookshelf, but there is a therapeutic connection to be made. 

Two Anxiety Bookshelves are displayed

What is Neuroplasticity?

Now we're getting to the heart of things, there is an upward trend of apps and games to renew and grow neural connections, and these science-backed placements are wonderful when used in accordance. We like to do things analog, it's a common theme here. The connection drawn is that the Anxiety Bookshelf is a simple way to relieve stress with no electronics whatsoever. One of the answers to the questions of "How does it work?" follows.

As Defined by Wikipedia:

'Neuroplasticity, also known as neural plasticity or brain plasticity, is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization. It is when the brain is rewired to function in some way that differs from how it previously functioned.' We can see how this neural handshake is made with puzzles, fidget toys for adults, and miniatures below.

Organizing Miniature Books

When organizing miniature books, especially in a detailed and precise manner, it involves cognitive processes such as attention, memory, spatial reasoning, and fine motor skills. Organizing the books by genre, author, title, or colour is relaxing on it's own. Creating a miniature library and finishing a project is the cherry on top... or is it the shake? These cognitive functions stimulate various areas of the brain, including regions involved in perception, motor control, and memory formation. You can quickly see that when used similar to a puzzle, there is a therapeutic connection. 

A man sits in a canoe, on a calm, waveless lake in the early morning.

Does it Cure Anxiety?

The Anxiety Bookshelf can be used as a tool to help relieve anxiety. But, the big question, and my big answer in short is that we do not have a 'cure' for clinically diagnosed anxiety. As humans, resilient as we are, have worked tirelessly to create medications and tools to manage anxiety. True stress and anxiety relief involves a much larger piece, and that would be you. If you are willing to take the steps engaging in activities involving focus as well as sensory function, natural stress relief will follow.

In Conclusion

When used accordingly, The Anxiety Bookshelf from Sydney's Collection (formerly SydneyArtSociety) can be an excellent tool in your anxiety relief toolbox. You can discover a meditative state similar to that of reading a real book. That said, there is no true cure for anxiety, yet! 


**Once more, if you are suffering from anxiety, the most important step is to consult your practitioner. There are also many resources available online and by phone whether local or when travelling.**

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