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Does the Shake Relieve Anxiety? Nope- Let's Debunk

There is a small misconception about the miniature Anxiety Bookshelf by Sydney’s Collection, and that's ok! This is pretty important, so let's debunk it; Contrary to what some may believe, or even advertise, the shake does not relieve anxiety!

The Anxiety Bookshelf is displayed

If this comes as a surprise, you're not alone, and I promise, there is very good reason for it. Full transparency, we use the shake to get your attention! It can be difficult to spread awareness far and wide to those with ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, and other mental health related illness. As someone who lives with both anxiety AND depression, I will be the first to admit that the attention span can be very short.

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In the world of social media, we can only use so much time to get your attention! For example, we need to use what is called a 'hook'. This is the first thing you see to catch your attention, and stop you from scrolling away. This, my friends, is often giving the small desktop bookshelf a 'shake'. So what is the most common comment? 'How does shaking a bookshelf relieve anxiety?'

Temporary Stress-Relief

When we talk about stress relief, we often devolve to violence without even knowing it, and were not typically talking bookshelf ideas. A very important point is that physical and violent actions in a stressful environment foster residual stress, and anxiety, not cure it. Shaking and shaking and shaking is so much fun, but the relief is in the act of organizational therapy.

Sure, physical release is a temporary release, but the key word here is temporary. In order to achieve a well rounded arsenal against anxiety, we must build a foundation of therapy, mindfulness, necessary lifestyle changes. The Anxiety Bookshelf, Pocket Anxiety Bookshelf, and Anxiety Bookcase are excellent tools for your kit, but again, are not a stand alone cure. 

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Permanent Stress Relief

In order to promote permanent relief of stress and anxiety, we must dive deeper into our unique individual consciousness, experience, and overall psyche. When consulting a medical professional, you are beginning an important journey. We can go further into the following later, the goals that you will set, and the accomplishments that you achieve will use a similar path to the following: Professional assessment, treatment planning, therapeutic techniques, medication management, support and guidance, education, and empowerment.

Showcasing the 'Shake'

An important note should be made considering the nature of this amazing little bookcase. You will see videos, and ads claiming that shaking the Anxiety Bookshelf will cure your anxiety, and to be blunt, this is incorrect. You see, when a product becomes popular, others will replicate it, but may not fully understand its function. We can’t fault everyone as this is typical in the world of online retail.

The bookshelf shake is fun, captivating and it grabs your attention... That's it! The real stress relief comes much, much earlier. You will have to forgive advertisers for conveying that shaking it relieves anxiety as a cure.


How Does the Anxiety Bookshelf Help?

It is a pretty simple concept really. Picture yourself meditating your way through the bookstore, or library.You may consider how wonderful it would be to own one! You picture spending your day organizing, curating, and stacking all of your favourite titles perfectly in place. Taking your time, in the moment, and placing the books wherever you like, it's your very own little library in a box. Can you see where i'm going here? Organizational therapy. Organize, stack, then only when you're ready, give it a shake! The shake does not need to happen, you can simply display your DIY bookshelf as decor as a bookcase insert.

A girl struggles to carry a stack of books.

What to Look For

Did you know that there are different versions of the Anxiety Bookshelf? It's important to support the right book nook, bookshelf decor and more store! Some are crafted with wood, some are mdf, or even plastic. The books can range from material quality, to image, and feel. Some come with hundreds of books over foam cores, some cardboard, and some with none at all. Always check the reviews folks, the one you're looking for is the handmade miniature bookcase crafted from natural pine wood. Metal latch on top, metal hinges on the bottom, and it opens as a tray to hold the books and carry it easily from room to room.

There is one way to know that you got the right one, and that is our logo. If you didn't get it directly from Sydney's Collection, you have a variation. That said, the important thing is that you're doing your part in the attempt to reduce stress and anxiety!

Sydney's Collection Logo

The Source

We have been making these best sellers under Sydney's Collection, formerly SydneyArtSociety, and have earned amazing reviews from our supporters! We are proud to display our verification badges and testimonials showcasing your feedback, and look forward to more! From Canada and USA to my friends in Australia... When you purchase from Sydney's Collection, you're supporting a real Canadian Small Business, and you're contributing to one of our favourite phrases: 'Stop Supporting Billionaires'!



Promoting positive mental health is incredibly important, and we must take a step back and evaluate what is causing out stressess. Now that we have taken a closer look, it is clear that shaking the Anxiety Bookshelf is not a cure anxiety or stress, but is a helpful tool. The relief comes from relaxing in the moment, and achieving the goal of organizing, stacking, and curating your very own mini bookcase, in- a- case. At the end of the day, it is a helpful product, but is just that, a product. You are always welcome to check in for the latest updates to my journal! Please be true to yourself, and your loved ones when approaching mental health. The best practice is to consult a medical professional, or many sources available online. If you find yourself reading this, and do not know where to begin, send us a message and we will do our very best to point you in the right direction.

Stress relief with a cup of coffee and a morning sunrise over a lake.

Thanks again!

So, you have done your research, and found the right one, and we thank you for supporting the best seller that has become the new tradition in gifting for bookworms and miniature lovers alike!


Wondering exactly what an Anxiety Bookshelf is? Check out the blog here!

Please note that we are not medical professionals, this is not to be taken as medical advice. This is not an affiliated article, it is original to our very own SydneysCollection.com.

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