The Full Anxiety Bookshelf Video!

The Full Anxiety Bookshelf Video!

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Enjoy a new style of POV with me, Sydney Smith. I provide a relaxing space where you can finally enjoy a full video organizing the anxiety bookshelf. Almost fifteen minutes of organizing, stacking, and a nice splash of mini-book ASMR. You have seen the shorts, and my chaotic videos claiming anxiety relief; This is what the Anxiety Bookshelf was intended for.


The Anxiety Bookshelf is not a cure for anxiety, it is a tool that allows you to organize a vast library in your own space. You are in control of the moment, so allow yourself to be in that moment while activating all of your senses; focus on the sound of the books, the feel of them in between your fingers, the smell of the wooden bookcase and books, the look of every single detailed book cover, and taste, well, I guess that one is up to you… I prefer water, and lots of it!


The shorts, reels, and ads are so much fun, but I only have so much time to grab your attention, so what better way than with the SHAKE? I do sincerely apologize to anyone who has been ‘shocked’ by the shorts, and I created this video with you in mind. As I said before, this product is an anxiety relief gift to reduce stress while organizing your four hundred real replica books.

 A handful of tiny replica books

The Anxiety Bookshelf from Sydney’s Collection is INCREDIBLE. We do not mess around, our bookshelf comes full of four hundred books (two packs of 200 pcs each), and no shelf will be left empty! We even send extras! When you order the Anxiety Bookshelf from Sydney’s Collection, you get exactly what you see in this video.


Video Credit: Sydney Smith

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