What is The Anxiety Bookshelf?

What is The Anxiety Bookshelf?

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So, What is The Anxiety Bookshelf?

The name may be confusing at first, but the concept is quite simple. Organize. Tiny. Books. Do not be confused by claims where shaking a bookshelf will cure your mental illness. Shaking is only that, shaking. Sure, it's fun, so there is a little relief there, but there is much more to it. I will admit that some of my videos and ads may induce some anxiety, but my intentions are pure! You see, the reason you know about it is because I got your attention with the SHAKE, but the shake is only the end... or beginning.

"The relief is in relaxing while curating, organizing, stacking, and appreciating your work once complete. When in the moment, you will find yourself in a trance, similar to reading a book. It can take ten minutes to just stick them in the shelves, or hours to organize by genre."- Sydney 

Image Credit: Sydney Smith

Creating moments of tranquility is essential for maintaining positive mental health. Our library in- a- box, is your ticket to stress relief and anxiety reduction. Let's check out how this awesome little bookshelf can become a companion in creating calm, it's more than just 'the shake'!

Crafting Calm with Mini Books

Uniquely printed and intricately detailed miniature books featuring high quality images, smashed down into a tiny file with huge detail. The real-replica covers are to be arranged according to your preferences! Whether by genre, author, title, colour; The hands-on experience of curating, organizing, and stacking your own mini DIY library provides a therapeutic escape. Meditate as you focus on the project at hand, in the moment. Physical engagement with these tiny books can be a dynamic addition to your daily routine, fostering a positive and serene mental space.


Image Credit: Sydney Smith

Versatility in Design and Quantity

Each shelf of our anxiety bookshelf can accommodate approximately 25-30 tiny books, and with a total of 12 shelves, you can display 300-360 miniature books. This will leave you with some extra, which come in handy as gifts, replacements, even magnets (DIY Mini book magnets anyone?! ). You can see the book list here.

Extra Books for The Anxiety Bookshelf

We understand that everyone's preferences are different, you may just want a pile of awesome tiny miniature books. If you only need the books to complement your existing anxiety bookshelf, our 'Just the Books' are available for purchase in packs of 100pcs and 200pcs. 

Image Credit: Sydney Smith

How to use it!

Arrange your books by genre, author, title, and even color. Relax as you curate your miniature library. Appreciate every detail while organizing your best-selling books. The process can take minutes, to hours, and once you are satisfied; close the box, flip the latch, and appreciate your DIY creation. When you're ready to start fresh, grab the bookcase give it a seismic shake and watch the tiny books fly!

A Reliable Piece of Bookshelf Decor

One of the best features of our miniature wood library is its unwavering presence. Positioned on your shelf, it's always there when you're ready to shake things up and start fresh. Whether you're seeking a moment of reflection, a burst of creativity, or a simple distraction from your busy day, this miniature wood library in a box is a reliable piece of bookshelf decor!

The Anxiety Bookshelf, a handmade wood stress relief library box and shaker shelf fidget toy with mini books, organized by colour gradient.

The Anxiety Bookshelf is more than a gift, it's a tradition, and one of the most influential viral gifts ever. It's not just for bookworms, we have found applications for stress relief, decor, and even fidgeting. We offer the best books with full covers over a foam core, and a beautiful miniature wooden bookcase. You found the right one, and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time visiting!

-Sydney Smith


The Anxiety Bookshelf with Sydney by SydneySmith


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