400 GSM Canvas- Quality Over Quantity

400 GSM Canvas- Quality Over Quantity

In the realm of fine art and exclusive giclee prints, the 400GSM canvas rags we choose stand as a testament to quality and durability. At Sydney's Collection, my dedication to crafting timeless artwork is exemplified in the use of these premium canvas rags for our patented MDF backed prints. This combination ensures that each creation not only retains its vibrancy but also withstands the test of time. Much of my work is minimalist, but do not underestimate the time and effort that goes into every line, color, and movement. 

Close up of quality canvas art print rolled for display.

Crafting Masterpieces with 400GSM Canvas Rags

Superior Quality for Art Connoisseurs

The commitment to delivering top-notch artwork is reflected in the choice of materials. The 400GSM canvas rags used boast a superior thickness and quality that provides a luxurious feel, enhancing the overall aesthetic of each piece. Tightly wrapped over their frames for a crisp look as in the example below.

Detailed fine art print frame corner close up image.

Perfect for Printing Quality Images

Whether you're an art enthusiast or a seasoned artist, you will appreciate the quality of these canvas rags as they serve as an ideal canvas for printing quality images. The high GSM ensures that every detail and nuance of the artwork is captured with precision, offering a visual feast for the beholder, so we could not help but use them for our works. They are perfect for Giclee prints as I have outlined in this blog.

Patented MDF Backing for Warp-Free Assurance

What sets our prints apart is the innovative use of MDF backing—a patented technique that guarantees your artwork remains free from warping. This unique combination of 400 GSM canvas and MDF backing ensures that prints maintain their original form, even in changing environmental conditions, and will stand the test of time.

Canvas art print tightly wrapped over MDF frame detailed image.

The Artistic Haven: Sydney's Collection

At Sydney's Collection, the art world's nuances are understood. My commitment to promoting and showcasing fine artwork is evident in every product offered. This is why 400GSM cotton rags over patented MDF, solid-backed frames were the obvious choice.

A Hub for Art Stores and Artists

I cater to the discerning tastes of art stores and artists, providing a curated collection of paintings, canvas prints, and more. Our 400 GSM canvas rags serve as the canvas of choice for artists looking to bring their visions to life. If you are an art shop that is looking to support Canadian art, feel free to send a message via our contact page.

Canadian Artistry at Its Finest

As a proud Canadian, and advocate of Canadian art, I celebrate the creativity of artists in Canada. If you do not find the piece that you are looking for here at Sydney's Collection, I implore you to seek out budding local and Canadian artists websites and blogs to show your support!

The Art Shop for Discerning Collectors

For those seeking the perfect addition to their collection, Sydney's Collection stands out as the art shop of choice for bold colors and unique original designs. My commitment to quality, from canvas to fine art print, to t-shirt ensures that you bring home not just art but a masterpiece.

Elevate Your Art with Sydney!

In the world of art and fine art, excellence is non-negotiable. Choose Sydney's Collection for a seamless blend of quality, innovation, and timeless beauty. Purchase original paintings and prints that transcend the ordinary, and let your walls speak the language of art.

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