Apply Resin to Your Painting

Apply Resin to Your Painting

There is nothing quite like the glossy finish that epoxy resin gives a painting. It creates a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting surface that really makes the colors pop. But, applying epoxy resin to a painting can be tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before. Don’t worry though, I’ve got you covered. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to finish a painting with epoxy resin!

Safety First:

Make sure to read all warning labels and directions before using any products involving dangerous chemicals. For this application please wear eye protection, a respiratory mask, and gloves. If you happen to get any resin on your skin, quickly wipe it off with a towel sprayed with isopropyl alcohol. 

1. Wait for your painting to fully dry

Firstly, make sure your painting is completely dry before applying any epoxy resin. If you apply it to wet paint, it will just mix together and ruin your hard work. Search your paint drying times online for accuracy.

2. Protect your workspace

Epoxy resin is a sticky, messy material, so you need to make sure your workspace is covered with plastic sheeting or something similar, I use wax paper, so the resin will not stick and you can use dried excess resin for other interesting creations. This will protect your furniture and floors from any drips or spills.

3. Mix the resin and hardener

Epoxy resin comes in two parts - the resin and the hardener. It is ESSENTIAL that you mix them in the correct ratio (usually 1:1) and mix them thoroughly to ensure a smooth finish. You should thoroughly mix the two parts in a disposable plastic cup or bowl with a wooden stick, but be careful not to mix it too fast as this can create bubbles in the resin. If it is slightly over-mixed, you will still be able to pop the bubbles with a butane torch after 10 minutes of setting. Some bubbles in the resin are expected, what you want to avoid is excess.

4. Apply the resin

There is no rule of thumb for application tools, personally, I find that using my hands (while wearing gloves of course) allows me to really feel out the depth and undulations in the painting. Thankfully epoxy resin is self-leveling. Use a clean, flat paintbrush, a wide popsicle stick, or your hands to apply the resin to your painting. Pour the resin onto the center of the painting and work it outwards ensuring the entire surface is coated. Be sure to coat the edges of the canvas too. Keep a close eye out for any bubbles or drips as you go, and smooth them out with a toothpick, small paintbrush, or a butane torch.

5. Let it dry

After applying the epoxy resin, you’ll need to let it dry completely. This usually takes around 24 hours, but check the instructions on your specific product to be sure. The surface should be smooth and glossy once it’s dry. 

And there you have it -

Your painting is now protected with a gorgeous, shiny layer of epoxy resin. With this finish, your painting will last for many years to come. Just remember to take your time, work carefully, and have fun with it!

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