Aerial view of Oakville Ontario from the lake

Downtown Oakville Coffee Shops and Lakeside Views- A Perfect Pairing

Welcome to lakeside Oakville, Ontario

Oakville, Ontario, situated between Burlington and Mississauga and just southeast of Milton, blends historic homes, small businesses, and modern luxury. This old town is a unique mix of the past and present, where I lean towards the historic charm. It’s interesting to see the huge trees and a classic lakeside village hidden in a bubble along the GTA lakeside. Oakville prides itself on its downtown core and does its very best to hang onto the ‘small town’ vibe. Today, I'm going to take you on a short journey through Oakville, highlighting some of the best coffee shops and scenic spots that make this place a hidden treasure.


Aerial view of downtown Oakville, Ontario

A Closer Look

One of Oakville’s hidden secrets is right in front of you, but you may not be aware of its intricacies. Oakville’s extensive trail system includes the Trans Canada Trail, also known as The Great Trail. This trail spans Canada, connecting various communities and offering scenic routes for walking, cycling, and other outdoor activities. The section in Oakville provides beautiful views of Lake Ontario and access to local parks and natural areas. From this trail, you will find connecting roads and trails that guide you along rivers, creeks, aqueducts, and protected forests.


Oakville Ontario Lakeside Trail


Best Oakville Coffee Shops

As a self-proclaimed ‘espresso enthusiast’, I can’t help but rave about the coffee scene in Oakville. One of my favourite spots is Figaro Coffee House. Whether you’re a fan of espresso or a classic Americano, this place has you covered. It’s the perfect stop to grab a cup of coffee and an artisanal sandwich before you explore the local scenery. The tiered seating areas and relaxed lighting create a calm and classy setting that invites you to sit and unwind. However, today I am on a journey. Oakville has many excellent coffee shops, each offering a unique atmosphere, showcasing the natural diversity of competing locations. Here’s my list including some of the best espresso in Oakville, Ontario:


Overhead map of downtown Oakville Ontario coffee and espresso shops


  1. Figaro Coffee House
  2. Aroma Espresso Bar
  3. Tribeca Coffee Co.
  4. Tommy Cafe
  5. Croissant Express Bakery
  6. Nyla's Room
  7. Pilot Coffee Roasters

Special shout-out:

  1. Vereda Central Coffee Roasters


Figaro Oakville Coffee Cup


Local Scenery and Hidden Treasures

Oakville offers some of the best views of Toronto. One of my favourite hidden spots is nestled close to the tide, where you’ll find large rocks perfect for sitting and reflecting. The natural curvature of the coastline allows for privacy all along the lake. It’s a peaceful area that offers beautiful views stretching from St. Catharines through Toronto. On a recent visit, I was lucky enough to witness a kayaking crew in action. Watching their synchronized movements was both inspiring and a bit jealousy-inducing. A welcome reminder of the teamwork and community that still exists in Oakville.


Oakville Kayak Team


Lakeside Beauty

Living in Oakville means having easy access to the stunning Lakeside trails that connect Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto etc. These trails are part of the larger Trans Canada Trail system, providing opportunities for biking, walking, bird-watching and hiking. The lake itself is always stunning, a beautiful blue mass of continuous water stretching the horizon. All along the connected trails, you will find clean parks with covered seating, and modern playgrounds with splash pads in the summer. Here’s a map featuring the Waterfront Trail Section:


Waterfront Trail along Lake Ontario

As We Reflect

As I sit along the shore, in my hidden treasure spot, I am surrounded by the best view of Toronto to the left and the lighthouse pier on the right. If you’re familiar with Oakville, you may know the general area that I’m talking about, but you likely have not found this little spot. It is not very easy to access with a coffee in one hand, and my bike over my shoulder, but alas, I’ve weaved my way into my little cove. The sky is clear, the day is quiet, and it’s the perfect setting for meditation. This place is more than just a scenic spot; it’s my little sanctuary.


Toronto View from Oakville Ontario lakeside.
Oakville Lighthouse view from the lakeside.


Join the Conversation

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of the Oakville lakeside and coffee scene. Isn’t it nice to spend a moment and reduce some stress? Things can get busy in our daily lives, and Oakville is no exception. 

Downtown Oakville Ontario


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