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From SydneyArtSociety to Sydney's Collection- The Original

True to The Original

The SydneyArtSociety Anxiety Bookshelf, that's right, you found it! Scroll to the bottom for a short video showcasing a little shelf shake.

A Stress-Relief Product for Adults

We are proud to welcome you to Sydney's Collection! Bringing you the most sought after library in a box, your very own personal stress relieving bookcase in a case. That's right! We ditched the marketplace fees, built our online shop and chose the name Sydney‘s Collection to honour the original artwork that started the whole journey. I will always love spreading positivity with my miniature bookshelf, but I am an artist first!

Our Anxiety Bookshelf Reviews

 If you're new to SydneyArtSociety and Sydney's Collection, you will soon find out that a bulk of these amazing reviews exist because of one best selling product. Check them out, we have reviews from customers worldwide, 100% verified, you can even check it out on Google!

We’re still over here doing what we love, and we’re not taking ourselves too seriously. Unless that is, when we're providing the most amazing customer support in the world. This thing started with one goal in mind, and we continue to do so: Spread positivity, reduce stress, be mindful.

Open Anxiety Bookshelf DIY mini bookcase with books 

Stress Relief Products for Adults

The Anxiety Bookshelf is more than just a product, it's the new tradition in gift giving for bookworms, friends, family, and those seeking a therapeutic calm and a bit of organized chaos. I’ve been working on this thing for a long time to get it right, making sure you get exactly what you see. Plus you’re protected with our damage free guarantee and 30 day returns.

Organizing the Anxiety Bookshelf

The Customer Experience

The customer experience is incredibly important to us, but we will not use excess of the following in order to give the 'illusion of luxury': Foam, Plastic/Plastic-Sheet Cardboard. We use recyclable materials and ethically sourced wood. Do not be fooled by similar products that have added big luxury boxes to justify an extra $20-$40. Alternatively, watch out for the cheap knock offs, we have heard the stories about what actually gets shipped, if at all. Here's where repeat, our reviews are here for a reason. this is the right Anxiety Bookshelf.

Our packages are packaged thoroughly to ship international. That said, accidents happen in shipping if your product arrives damaged, send a message right away for a full refund or an immediate replacement, we have policies in place to keep you protected!

Environmentally friendly and ethically sourced materials.

Welcome Back

We’re happy to have you back. Oh, and if you thought that you were searching for "DIY Anxiety Bookshelf Sydney Australia" and you found yourself with us, that’s OK! We do have plenty of friends in Australia and you can see it in my reviews in fact, 1/3 of last year’s sales went to you Australia, so thank you for your ongoing support.

Five star reviews.

So let’s review the anxiety bookshelf.

The anxiety bookshelf, mini pocket anxiety bookshelf, and bookcase. Yes, they are made as stress relief toys for adults, and can be used as a therapeutic calming puzzle. Activate your senses, while in the moment, you find yourself lost as if you were drifting into a book. It’s your library to organized however you like. For elderly it’s an excellent way to keep their hands moving. Even if just a very short amount of time they can revisit the bookshelf and add books as they go. It’s the best for a reason, we include everyone!

We've got you covered, check the policies people! When shopping online, always keep your best interest in mind, and if you feel like a website is not trustworthy, walk away! You're always welcome here at Sydney’s collection. We would love to see your name amongst our hundreds of reviews!

Shaking the Anxiety Bookshelf Design by SydneySmith


It's great to have you back, welcome to the Collection!



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