Meet the Pups Behind Sydney's Collection: Ruby and Sir Winston

Meet the Pups Behind Sydney's Collection: Ruby and Sir Winston

At Sydney's Collection, we have a soft spot for our four-legged family members, and two of the most adored members of the team are Ruby and Sir Winston. These two black pugs bring boundless joy, laughter, and, yes, a ton of love to our lives – and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Who Are They?

Let's start with the names. Ruby and Sir Winston, or as we lovingly call them, Rhubarb Eloise Smith and Sir Winston Esquire. The names might sound a bit over the top, but they're a perfect reflection of the personalities they possess!

A Dynamic Duo

Winston, our dapper gentleman, is the elder statesman at a wise old age of 13 years and loves his mom, naps, and his short walks around the block. Ruby, our sweet and sassy daddy's girl, is energetic, polite, and super friendly. They're a dynamic duo, embodying the yin and yang of pug personalities.

Paws on Apparel

One of the most remarkable things about Ruby and Sir Winston is their undeniable cuteness. Their adorable faces have found a special place in our collection of t-shirts and hoodies. Whether you're a pug enthusiast or just looking for something that brings a smile, their expressive eyes and curly tails have you covered.

At Sydney's Collection, we're more than just an artist's website for home wall decor, abstract acrylic paintings, and custom graphic t-shirts; we're a celebration of the things that make life more colorful. And for us, that's embodied in the delightful antics and unwavering loyalty of Ruby and Sir Winston.

So, the next time you browse our collections, take a moment to appreciate the furry family behind some designs. They're not just pets; they're family, inspiration, and the heart and soul of Sydney's Collection. Thank you, Ruby and Sir Winston, for bringing so much joy into our lives and the lives of our customers!

We love feedback! Send us a message including pics and info about your furry friends and receive discounts. Just send us a message below or click here for our contact page.

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