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From SydneyArtSociety to Sydney's Collection- A long Story Short...

During our live show, and in some of my videos, you may hear me use the phrase 'often replicated, never duplicated'. This is also why when searching for 'Anxiety Bookshelf Reviews', Sydney's Collection stands out with tons of verified positive feedback, where other brands may seem questionable. There are reasons for this, from Canada, to Australia, we're spreading positivity one little shakeable bookshelf at a time.

The Beginning

They're handmade bookcases, so of course, we began testing on a popular marketplace alongside my original paintings as SydneyArtSociety. The Anxiety Bookshelf did not have a name. It was simply a miniature handmade bookshelf full of shakeable books. A simple idea. There was a rise in DIY mini bookshelf and tiny book popularity, and it was time to build.

"It's great, a library in a box, you can take it with you, organize it, or use it as bookshelf decor"- Sydney

Best Seller

The evidence was clear, and popularity was growing exponentially. We got the best seller status, and things were looking up. We began to scale, I contacted a friend, creator, and production partner overseas and started shipping international! Using a production partner to is allowed on this particular marketplace.

A Small Setback

We always move forward, that's just what we do. Ignoring the pop-up shops that were copying the product, we kept pushing until we learned another important lesson. On certain marketplaces, you are placed into fees when your shop has an income of more than 'x' dollars. These can total thirteen percent, this is not so bad considering it is a marketplace, and these fees bring you visibility. The issue, was the forced fee of up to fifteen percent that was added on top once we hit a certain threshold. I had been planning my big move for a while, so it was time to make the change.

The Pivot

The brand was getting big, the fees were getting bigger the knock offs were swarming, and it was time to make the switch. Sydney's Collection was born! I was anxious to get away from the excessive fees and shops that were watering down, and cheapening an excellent product. It was time to go all in on my website. The first step was setting up all of the secure payment methods, and creating policies that protect the customer. We always find ways to stand out, and our coverage is one of them.

Fast- Forward

The massive project has been a success. We spread the word, started giveaways, raffles, and earned the best reviews by continually providing the best mini bookshelf with the very best customer service. We added a damage-free garauntee for the rare event that an item is damaged during shipping, and of course a solid 30-day refund policy.

There is a lot more to the story, and I am excited to add blogs with insight. It has been an amazing journey, with tons of ups, downs, and lessons. If there is one thing to take from this, it is to stay resilient, and stay true to yourself. If you believe in what you're doing, there is no need to hover over competitors, just keep pushing forward and enjoy the ride.


*Note: I have respectfully omitted the name of a familiar marketplace. I wish for no ill will or negativity towards the platform.*

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