How to Clean Your Dryer Vent and Lint Trap

How to Clean Your Dryer Vent and Lint Trap

How to clean your dryer duct

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Today we will complete an important task… You know the one. It’s that chore you’ve been putting off because you don’t know where to start! We’re going to glean that dryer duct and lint trap. It is important to include this in your regular maintenance. To start, you will need a cheap duct cleaning kit like you see here. Now, you can accomplish the task without these tools by using a shop vac and attachments, but these simple tools make sure to loosen up all of the lint, and gets into those hard to reach spots.

The little duct cleaning kit comes with a vacuum attachment so you will need a standard vacuum or shop vac as well. We’re not affiliated, but the brand we’re using is Dryer Max Lint Removal Kit and it’s a great.

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Clothes Dryer Lint Cleaning Kit


  • Garbage Bag
  • Vacuum
  • Dryer Duct Cleaning Kit
  •    Long brush
  •    Duct brush
  •    Vaccuum artatchment
  • Flathead Screwdriver or socket wrench.


One tool is needed to remove the dryer duct. Grab a flathead screwdriver or a socket to fit your screw. Place that aside for later.

Cleaning the Lint Trap

Let’s begin by taking care of the lint trap. Pull it out, clean it off, throw out the lint, and set it aside. If it’s dirty, do yourself a favour and keep it clean! I clean mine every wash and it’s very easy. Just pull it out, pull of the lint, and place it back in. There are no latches, or locks. If the mesh of your lint trap is too far gone there are ways to fix it, but that is for another time.

How to remove dryer lint trap

Remove the lint trap, take your long cone-shaped brush and push it in there. Move it up, down, and around, as deep as possible, and loosen up any lint and debris. This is not specifically for removal, just to loosen things up. It goes pretty deep as you can see. If you do remove lint during the process, place it in a garbage bag.

Cleaning Dryer Lint Trap

Once finished, clean it off, throw away all lint, and put it away. You’re done with it.

Cleaning the Duct

Loosen the Rings

To remove your dryer duct, simply use a flathead screwdriver, or socket that fits snug. Loosen the screw, that’s lefty loosey folks. There’s is no need to completely remove the screw from the ring. I personally like to take them off and set them aside so I don’t lose them off the ends. 

How to remove your dryer duct.

Now we’re going bring out long wired brush and the duct outside. You can keep it indoors but this part tends to get messy.

Clean the Duct

Run the wired end through the duct. You may need to wiggle and sort of force it through there, your hands will get a bit dirty reaching in and pushing things around but it is pretty straight forward. Once you get the wire end through, you’re going to pull the brush through the duct. Again, a little wiggle and some adjustments might need to be made but again it’s pretty straight forward.

Dryer duct wire cleaning brush
Cleaning the dryer duct.

Clean up your mess and bring the duct back to the laundry room. You’re finished with the loooong brush. Nice job!

Vacuum Everything

Now for the vacuum. You’ve loosened up all the lint and removed a lot in the process, now let’s get the rest. Attach the universal fitting into your vacuum and get to it. If the fitting isn’t completely snug, consider wrapping it with painters tape for a quick and temporary fix. If the piece does not fit at all, you can still use your vacuum hose, but can’t get as deep.

Dryer duct vacuum attachment.


Using the dryer duct vacuum attachment.

Vacuum the lint trap, vacuum the duct, and don’t forget about the vent exhaust me dryer where the duct connects. Place everything back together in a nice little pile.

Put it Back Together

Now all you need to do is reconnect the duct using the metal rings that you loosened at the beginning. It is very important that the duct AND ring are over TOP of the metal pipe, we’re looking for a nice snug fit. Now tighten, and tighten the other. These things can tighten a lot, so don’t overdo it, if you cannot make the ring turn, then it’s tight enough.

Close up of connecting the dryer duct to the dryer and vent.

Done! Great job. Step back and appreciate your DIY project. You didn’t pay out the end for it, and you learned how easy it is to quickly, and easily clean your dryer lint trap, ducts, and vents! 


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